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It all began when...

I was looking for a solution to my oversized wallet. It was overflowing and way too bulky for my pockets. I also wanted the new design to be flexible and cater to different moments. A few cards, for when I went out for drinks, and all my cards for my daily use. Through trial and error and fine-tuning some sewing skills, the elastic wallet was born.

~ Andreas Gerolemou, Creator


We are mobile people...

We carry our lives with us everyday; our work, our inspiration and a way to stay in touch with the people in our lives. What we need is a wallet that keeps up with us. Less coins, less weight. Just our most needed payment cards and some cash. We want a wallet that is thin, efficient and unique.


It's all about elastic tension...

That's what holds it all together. The minimalistic design keeps things light – no zips, no buttons, no clips. It’s a fabric, so you can wash it with the rest of your clothes. It’s considerate, so you can have 2 cards or even 15 if you’re a card enthusiast.